Solar Schools Program

Saving schools money by installing solar panels

Savings on electricity bills will pay for a new school solar system in 5 years. Savings for the next 20 years can be invested in better school facilities and programs.

We use school electricity bills, aerial maps and advanced modelling tools to identify the most cost-effective solar system for each school.

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If our efforts are successful, we will help establish low interest loans for schools from community investors and Macedon Ranges Sustainability Group's Renewable Energy Fund. Loans will be repaid from savings on electricity bills, ensuring there is no impact on school finances.

How can you help?

Volunteer your school

Please contact us if you want to become a Solar School.

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Become an MRSG member

Joining Macedon Ranges Sustainability Group (and REAG) is inexpensive but makes a huge difference. Having more members bolsters our numbers when campaigning the government to make decisions that favour the use of renewable energy.

Join for as little as $25/year.

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About the MRSG Renewable Energy Action Group

The Renewable Energy Action Group (REAG) is part of the not-for-profit Macedon Ranges Sustainability Group.

Our goal is to make the Macedon Ranges carbon neutral by 2030, by leading, supporting and investing in local energy efficiency, generation and offset projects in partnership with community, government and industry.

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